Tiger Creative Overview

We're Tiger Creative.

We're a digital consultancy that specialises in bespoke international solutions.

We'd love to tell you about some of the cool projects we've worked on...

but we can't

We get that it's annoying, but what it should tell you is that:
- We're not in it for the glory
- We work with blue-chip companies
- We keep our clients' competitive information secure
Here are some facts about us:

We launched our company 2039 days ago.

In 2015, over 50% of our revenues came from Asia.

Our clients paid us in 8 different currencies last year.

Our clients' projects were viewed in over 180 countries last year.

We have servers in these locations:

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Don't believe us?
We're multi-skilled, but if pushed, our specialisms are:

The Chinese Internet

(ICPs, Baidu, Performance, Monitoring, Delivery, UX)

We helped a household name transform its mainland China presence from completely unviewable, to a website load time of under 1 second in 15 mainland provinces, and trippled its target customer conversion rate in under two months.

Data analysis

(User journeys, conversions, big data, A/B)

We helped a Fortune 500 company kick-start a period of growth online by identifying and removing bottle-necks in the user journey, and helping them to make the most of the customer data they had acquired.

Improving digital workflow

(Custom solutions, business logic, analytics, real-time)

We identified a major time saving opportunity for a leading publishing house and created a suite of bespoke digital tools that both cut down the time taken to publish content to social media by 95%, and increased the visibility of social content, giving clear transparency to the channels that were generating the most value.

Digital strategy for senior executives

(Corporate strategy, risk/reward analysis, competitor profiling)

We've consulted on a number of leading projects, helping time-poor senior decision makers make informed choices. Whether its early technical documentation, due-diligence or a strategic roadmap, we're trusted advisers to a number of leading executives who rely on our expertise and honest evaluation to take the next step.

But enough about us.

Here are some facts about YOU:

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In 2016, we're launching Tiger Creative in Hong Kong & China.

We've already got clients in both territories, but until now we've been bound by non-disclosure agreements.

"...But how much do you cost...?"

Our minimum project value is HKD$100,000.

For us, a project is a piece of work with clear business benefits and results that can be clearly seen and understood by our client. We don't work on projects that don't increase the value of our clients' business.

Our standard retainer is HKD$30,000 per month.

We offer retainers to a small number of companies, who need regular bursts of innovation and growth throughout the year. We meet with them regularly, and often launch new products and services within weeks of each other, whilst building a roadmap and digital strategy to get them the growth they need throughout the year.

In 2015, the average value of our Hong Kong projects was HKD$250,000.

Each project is different and is scoped according to business deadlines and market activity of our clients. Some are shorter, high-impact projects, whereas others address internal business needs over a number of months.

We've got some exciting things planned for this year, so keep checking back as we begin to reveal some of the projects we're working on, and some of the innovations that we've introduced to companies in Hong Kong & China.

Well, to give you a sneaky flavour of things to come...